HRM: Managing and Leading a Team

Essentials to lead a successful team

Hello, my name is Christine and I am a professor in Human Resource Management (HRM) at Audencia Business School. I am coordinating a course entitled “HRM: Managing and Leading a Team”. Students who are enrolled in this course are international students (ASTI) and those from our national partner schools e.g. engineering schools. The overall learning goal is to acquire knowledge and skills that are necessary to manage a team in organizations. The course is very interactive, as I like to have conversations with students after being prepared individually.

Why is this course important? Knowing how to manage a team is key in today’s business world. Studies highlight that successful people management and leadership make a difference to the performance of teams and to the achievement of strategic objectives in an organization. This course is an accessible and lively introduction to the world of organizational behavior (OB) and human resource management (HRM), focusing on the frameworks of how people behave at work and how to manage a team. This course covers a wide range of topics like organizational change, structure, and culture, team dynamics, attitudes in the workplace, leading and motivating in a team context, equality and diversity; recruitment & selection; employee appraisal; training & development and compensation & benefits. The course is assessed as follows: 40% continuous assessment (presentation in class, individual participation and group work) and 60% final assessment (exam). I am looking forward to welcome you in my class and to exchange with you.